Mbanq Croatia Office Launch: A Festive Blend of Community Engagement and Global Growth

by Dec 12, 2023

The official opening of a new office location in Osijek marks the beginning of a new era for Mbanq Croatia.

Mbanq celebrates the grand opening of its new office location in downtown Osijek, situated on the top floor of the Esseker Center. The stylish location reflects Mbanq’s commitment to growth and symbolizes a new era for its operations in Croatia.

As Mbanq expands globally, its technology development and client success teams in Croatia play a pivotal role in this journey. With recent global achievements including dozens of new client signings, platform launches, and exponential growth in consumer accounts, Mbanq’s success is rooted in top-tier technology infrastructure developed during its origins as a core banking systems technology provider.

Mbanq Croatia was honored to host members of the local business community and the Deputy Mayor of Osijek, Mr. Dragan Vulin, at its office opening. Guests also experienced the power of technology with a motor racing simulator.

From Osijek to the World

Eduard Rupčić, Head of Sales for Mbanq Sky, shared the remarkable journey of Mbanq’s Osijek and Podgorica teams to create and operate banking systems globally, from Belgium to Barbados, and Aruba to Montenegro.

Mbanq’s SVP of Corporate Development, Javier Valverde, expressed his excitement for Osijek’s potential for continued growth. He said: “Mbanq’s solutions transcend traditional banking, innovating new embedded finance solutions for industries beyond finance, including sports and entertainment. This grand opening showcases Mbanq’s commitment to Osijek’s place on the world map, where new technologies thrive.”

Mbanq Transforms Finance Globally:
As a global banking technology provider, underpinned by regulatory and compliance solutions, Mbanq is on a mission to empower financial institutions and brands across numerous industries to offer seamless digital financial services. With offices in Bothell, Bangalore, Phnom Penh, Podgorica, and Osijek, Mbanq is one of the fastest-growing FinTechs globally, and continues to redefine the future of banking.

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