Mbanq launches CKV Bank on its global Banking-as-a-Service platform

by Sep 20, 2021

CKV Bank, an independent family-owned bank active in Belgium and France, has upgraded its in-house banking technology to Mbanq Digital Banking Services.

Rudi Deruytter, CEO of CKV Bank, says, “Mbanq’s technology has provided a boost in both front and back-office capabilities for CKV. Our bank agents, business teams and customers now enjoy the most modern digital experience in banking, while at the same time our operational efficiency has been simplified and enhanced. Mbanq has successfully delivered and implemented its strong technology fundamentals and we look forward to continuing a fruitful long-term partnership.”

Emmanuel Lambert, Digital Transformation Officer of CKV Bank says, “With the go-live of Mbanq at CKV, we establish the second pillar in CKV’s digital transformation journey from in-house developed software to commercial software.”

Emmanuel Lambert, Digital Transformation Officer at CKV Bank Belgium

Emmanuel Lambert, Digital Transformation Officer at CKV Bank Belgium

“Mbanq has provided a flexible and powerful solution for CKV’s bank agent network and gives our back-office and accounting teams the agility to quickly adapt to changing business needs. CKV’s deposit customers will soon be able to enjoy internet banking which is an important leap forward in their customer experience. Combined with powerful functionality for SEPA payments and integration with SWIFT, we consider Mbanq a strong pillar to build on further and look forward to a fruitful journey together for many years to come. In a second phase next year, Mbanq’s implementation will be extended to support CKV’s loan servicing processes”, Lambert says.

Lars Rottweiler, CTO & Co-Founder of Mbanq, says, “CKV, in partnership with Mbanq, has evolved its technology stack to embrace a modern digital future. Mbanq’s technology is designed to make it easy to adapt financial products that fit customer needs. It enables CKV to design, launch, adapt and operate banking products with a full range of transaction, deposit and loan solutions, as well as cross-border payments. Mbanq is pleased to play its part to help CKV scale and grow to new heights.”

CKV is an independent, family-owned bank founded in Belgium in 1956, with a presence in France since 2018. CKV specializes in tailor-made solutions for mortgage-guaranteed loans, both for private and professional purposes. It has a distribution network of over 400 independent credit brokers.


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